When she passed through the street everyone stopped to look at her

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When She Passed Through The Street Everyone Stopped To Look At Her

She was always well-groomed, perfect: and she never looked at anyone. There was no-one interesting, walking along the streets of her town. Her intelligence and sharpness of mind defeated the men as well. She could recite long poems from memory, she knew her history and geography well but, above all, she knew how to reason, extending her thoughts beyond the narrow confines of her fellow townsmen.

She was convinced she would never find a husband worthy of her and, in a certain sense, she wasn’t wrong.

She had no patience with other people’s limitations and never tried to conceal her boredom, but because of that bright mind, full of beautiful ideas, it was easy to forgive her whims. Everyone thought that, sooner or later, she would become a star in show business, but after all, she already was a diva.

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