She was pretty, the prettiest girl in the village

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She Was Pretty, The Prettiest Girl In The Village

When the women walked down to the sea to ‘ take the air ‘, she strolled along the shore, careless of the waves rippling over the waterline, holding up her parasol, that faithful companion, to protect her complexion from the implacable sun and wearing one of her delightful little hats. She had so many of them, they had become her particular fancy.

One day a family of travelling players arrived in the village. They carried strange machinery in their horse-drawn carts. It was the ‘moving pictures’ - the cinema, a novelty for everyone in the village.

The first silent films were a real surprise. The young lady at once began to dream of becoming an actress, a star.

After all, like several of her nearest relatives, she was not lacking in curiosity. She knew very well that  outside the village walls, outside her home, outside her room, outside the rules laid down by her Respected Family, there was a different world, wide open to exploration. 

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