The Young Lady Of Good Family

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Warm summer colours, a soft yellow leather sofa and silk curtains with hints of orange. This suite is on the ground floor and gives onto the villa’s garden, the one that faces the sea.
The large picture windows catch the early morning rays and the window in front of the king-sized bed lets you gaze out over the peaceful Maremmanvegetation as you lay on your big soft feather pillows listening to nature awaken. The travertine bathroom has a large bathtub with shower in a niche separated by a transparent pane of glass. 
An inlaid table and the corner piece are antiques that recall the style of the young lady to whom this room is dedicated, that young lady from times gone by whose corset is all that remains of her.
This is a Junior Suite for those who have never stopped dreaming,
but have no desire to unveil their dreams to all and sundry.

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