The Upstanding Maremman Gentleman

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The suite is spacious and welcoming with a king-sized bed and leather armchairs and sofa, drapes of  brown silk carry along the theme of earthy browns and blues of sea and sky as they blend on the horizon. The cowhide that lies at the foot of the bed recalls the ancient, yet quite vivid, tradition of Maremman cowboys, known as butteri. There is a saddle in one corner of the room – it once served its time on the family’s old horse. A marvellous designer washbasin in which water runs down a slanted crystal pane like a waterfall is a final and elegant touch in a
corner of the main room, a detail alluding to the lesser-known Maremman rivers.  The bathroom, in Sienese travertine, has a large tub finished in stone strips which continue the natural tone of the fittings. French doors open onto a large, private terrace that looks out over the sea and offers views of breathtaking sunsets over Corsica.  This Suite is ready to welcome those who love the Maremma region with both mind and heart. It is hospitable, ample but self-contained, inviting the guest to live this land from the inside.

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