The Unstoppable Explorer

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The room itself is immense, the bed king-size and the bathroom a pleasant surprise: a heavy stone seems to jut out from the rock of which it was hewn and hold the washbasin, the ample tub resembles a pebbled river.From the shower you have an incomparable view of the woods of Monte D’Alma. A trunk and some old suitcases covered with the stickers of the many hotels visited in as many voyages. On the worn leather divan lies a lynx skin, souvenir of one of many safaris in Africa; over in a corner, beneath the window with soft green silk drapes overlooking the sea, sits an oval table - a noble setting for quick and frugal meals in times long gone. This Suite is dedicated to those who are always on the move. A place to rest and then to leave again, for new, incredible journeys…

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