The Flirtatious Libertine

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The ample bed, measuring 2 meters by 2 meters, is framed by a great number of soft feather cushions and the vintage divan sits against the original bare brick wall. Behind two crystal panels the large, round mosaic bathtub holds a promise of relaxing bubble baths. The two armchairs designed by Fabio Novembre depicting ideal silhouettes of a man and a woman harmonize perfectly with an 18th century dresser which has always lived on the upper floors of the main house, while the deep purple of the silk curtains bring to mind the warmth of a passionate and effervescent soul. From the French windows you walk onto the beautiful, sun-kissed terrace which offers a full 180° view from the mountains covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation to the picturesque coves of Elba Island. This Suite narrates the gallant adventures and heedless flirtations of bygone days. It is dedicated to those who live, just ‘for the fleeting moment'...

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